About Sabastian Enges

Sabastian ran his first business at 11 years old, hiring friends to pick and sell blackberries to local restaurants. Like many entrepreneurs, he grew up chasing his ambition through a diversified career trajectory. Today, he is a successful Founder, Angel Investor and Performance Coach. And just as he did when he was a child, he continues to build a platform to help others build the life they want.

After completing college by the age most would have graduated high school, Sabastian moved to Seattle to recruit for Amazon. From there he relocated to California to work with startup looking to raise a seed round of funding; contributed to T-Mobile retail launch before consulting full-time in 2006.

“Only when we are willing to let go of what we think we are, can we become what we've always been. Free.”

In 2011, he founded Fenix Consulting Group to spearhead a strategic telecom campaign for AT&T. It resulted in major impact. They generated almost $40 million in lifetime value (LTV) and added over 4,000 accounts in the first year alone. To date, Sabastian has launched 27 Markets throughout the US, has generated hundreds of millions in lifetime revenue for his clients and added multiple Fortune 500 companies to the portfolio.

Throughout his career, Sabastian has remained dedicated to mentoring, coaching and creating opportunity for those around him. As he expands Fenix’s nationwide reach, his focus is to continually improve the company’s business model with an ever-increasing emphasis on the education and development of the 300+ teammates. At the end of the day, his coaching mantra is that: “If we can help people to think right, they will do right.”