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3 Phases of Momentum

Phase 1: CREATING Momentum

This is by far, the hardest phase which is why so many people don’t make it. When you don’t have momentum, you look worse than you are. Creating momentum is the phase where you are grossly overworked and underpaid.

Phase 2: MAINTAINING Momentum

If you don’t know how to maintain momentum, you’re going to have to constantly create it which takes A LOT more energy. Building a business is much like getting a rocket ship into space. MOST of the energy – about 70%, is spent in the first 12 seconds getting it out of the atmosphere. Once it’s up – it can hold operate with a lot less energy than it took to launch.

You don’t stop doing the things that got you there. You protect the systems.

If you want to build wealth, have lasting success – you need to keep doing the things that got you to where you are.

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Phase 3: ADVANCING Momentum

In this phase, something magical happens. Everything turns around and you go from grossly overworked and underpaid to grossly overpaid and underworked. This is when you have compounding interest on the work you’ve put in, and this is where you want to get.

It’s not what you do in a day, it’s what you do daily

The Key to Momentum: Systems

Systems tie in all phases of momentum together. It’s systems that make businesses sustainable – without it, you cannot replicate and cannot duplicate. If you want to protect momentum, marry yourself to the systems.

If you talk to successful people, ask them what type of systems they use to build their business (routines, schedules) – what systems do they use on the daily.